Solar Energy Programme

With rapid depletion of the reserve of fossil fuel and increasing environmental pollution use of renewable sources of energy seems to be the only solution to same the environment and to sustain the process of development. Due to its abundance solar energy offers ample scope to be harnessed for providing household electricity especially in un-electrified and under-electrified areas. Pallimangal is trying to promote the use of different solar photovoltaic (SPV) and solar thermal systems through awareness generation and motivation since the year 2001. A few SPV street lights are being used at different places at Kamarpukur. Pallimangal have sold 28 pieces of solar fan caps, 1 piece oscillator, 1 piece solar cooker and 1 piece of solar helicopter during the financial year 2008-09 through its sales-cum service activities on renewable energy. Sri Samir Roy, Staff member of Pallimangal supervises the programme.