Mushroom Production Programme

The seed production programme was started in the year 2002 to help the farming community to supply certified seeds with active help and cooperation from the Agriculture Department of Government of West Bengal. In the year 2008, mushroom seed production has been continued successfully since mushroom production is a good income generating activity.

Mushroom is a protein rich having high nutritional value, low cost and can be preserved easily. In present days it is a very popular item in the food market. The cost of production is considerably low, easy to grow and does not require dedicated cultivating land rather it can be grown even in house area.

However, proper and reliable mushroom seeds are not always easily available. Hence, mushroom seed production programme has been undertaken in the year 2006.  Mushroom seed production was continued successfully till the year 2008, as mushroom production is a good income generating activity. We were unable to continue the programme, due to lack of propagation among common village people. In the year 2012, Poverty alleviation programme was taken on the eve of 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, named Swami Akhandananda Seva Prakalpa. In the Seva Prakalpa, further we have introduced a Training programme on mushroom cultivation for the poor villagers during the period of 18/6/2012 To 07/03/2014. Report of the said Seva Prakalpa is given below.

Objectives:- The main aim of the Swami Akhandananda Seva Prakalpa was to ameliorate poverty in ten pockets of a few selected areas identified and subsequently assistance to poor people to overcome the huddles by means of proper trainings and opportunities.

Components:-The Prokalpa consists of the following aspects:-1]Training on Vermicompost Production.2]Training on Mushroom Cultivation.3]Training on Tailoring at Beldiha and Kamarpukur.4]Training on Batik Printing.5]Non-Formal Education.6] Awareness on Health and Hygiene.

Training on Modern Method of Mass Scale Production of Edible Mushroom :-
The above said training programme was initiated w.e.f August 20th 2012 with  same 50 trainees of vermicompost. After theoretical background information in training classes, practical demonstration was conducted simultaneously on improved method of cultivation of mushroom specially Oister, In 1st and 2nd demonstration classes, 40 & amp; 50 balls were cultivated,18.09 k.g & 61.47 k.g Oister mashroom was produced and Rs.1448.00 and Rs.4917.00 was received respectively as sales proceeds, with Rs.80.00 per k.g selling rate. After deduction of actual expenditure, Rs. 5352.00 was distributed among active 46 trainees. Therefore four more demonstration classes were conducted at trainees’ home level in newly built prakalpa aided low cost ideal mushroom cultivation house. A total number of 170,170,215and219 balls were cultivated by the total trainees individually and 135.57kg,68kg,116.1kg,and199.55kg of oyster mushroom was produced and about Rs.13557.00, Rs.8160.00, Rs.11600.00 and Rs.19955.00 was received respectively as sales proceeds selling@Rs.100.00/kg. About 33 active trainees received micro-financial assistance for building up a low cost mushroom cultivation house under this prakalpa ranging financial assistance from Rs.1702.00 to Rs.2850.00. Since the demand of mushroom spawn was found high, a laboratory for spawn production was established by the fund of Akhandananda Seva Prakalpa and spawn production was also initiated. So far 5 times in small  scale, spawn produced in newly built laboratory was distributed / sold within the trainees and overall Rs.2000.00-3000.00 or more is being earned per 50 days at individual level depending on the capacity of mushroom cultivation. This is the successfully being continued by the trainees. The said prakalpa as a whole was successfully concluded on march’7th’2014 along with other components / aspects like tailoring, batique printing, non-formal education and awareness on health and hygiene.