Non-Formal Education

Due to the social, economical, environmental and many practical difficulties a considerable part of our rural population is yet to see the light of education. Pallimangal has been conducting a number of Non Formal Education centres at different villages to provide minimum literacy to those who failed to reach for regular schooling. Presently 17 such NFE centres for the backward and depressed classes are being run by Pallimangal in 11 villages under 07 Gram Panchayet areas of Goghat-I & II blocks, one in Tarakeswar Municipality and one in Kotulpur, Bankura area through active involvement of village level organizations. The following chart shows the position in detail:

 Sl.No.  Name of the Centre with address  Total Students
 01 Hazrapata,Vill:Dashghara, Kamarpukur, Hooghly  18
 02 Dasghara Club  18
 03 Ganeshbati, P.O. Ratanpur, Hooghly  24
 04 Anur Najrul Srmiti Sangha, Anur, Hooghly  21
 05 Bhurkunda, Hooghly  19
 06 Basudebpur, Hooghly  19
 07 Nakunda S.R.Ashrama,Vill.Darinakunda,Hooghly  23
 08 Beldiha, S.R.Ashrama, , Shyambazar, Hooghly  25
 09 Beldiha, S.R.Ashrama, , Shyambazar, Hooghly  25
10 Beldiha, S.R.Ashrama, , Shyambazar, Hooghly 25
11 Udaypur, Hooghly 20
12 Harishchandrapur, Raghubati, Hooghly 25
13 Tarakeswar Ramakrishna Vivekananda Coaching Centre, Hooghly 17
14 Tarakeswar Ramakrishna Vivekananda Coaching Centre, Hooghly 18
15 Tajpur Gram Seva Samiti, Bankura 31
16 Tajpur Gram Seva Samiti, Bankura 19
17 Dhaniakhali S.V.Sevashram, Hooghly. 25
17 Centre 372