Mini Jute Spinning Programme

This unit has been manufacturing twine from raw jute regularly since its inception in the year 1987. The project was commenced in collaboration with erstwhile Jute Technological Research Laboratories (now NIRJAFT), Department of Science & Technology of Govt. of India and that of Government of West Bengal. The idea was to bring the processing unit at the level of jute growers to help the jute farmers and to provide employment to some rural youths.

It is fact that this project is not at all a viable one. FourĀ  or Five units of this mini jute spinning unit had been started in the year 1989 by the State Govt. as a pilot project. Except this, others were closed within five years. After remodeling of the staff pattern and some changes in the production, now it has been shaped in a new dimension. At present Seven staffs along with one supervisor have made it a viable project. This year 2012-2013 they have produced about 21.9 metric Ton twines of different products with average income of the production basis wages is Rs.3200.00 and above per month. If they can give more effort, average income rate will be high.