Incense Sticks Making Project

A good number of poor destitute women are involved with this project. It is easy to learn to make it and a business can be started with small investments. Hence women having no education or skill can learn easily to the incense sticks. They even can make incense sticks at home after maintaining their family life. That is why this project is very popular among the women and is being continued since its inception in the year 1980. After being trained they collect raw materials from the workshop and preparing the incense sticks at home. More than 58 female workers have been working, on production basis wages, in the reporting year 2012-2013 Some of them have earned more than Rs.2000/- per month and some are more than Rs.2500/- in a month who are working in our workshop during the period of 10 a.m. To 5 p.m. regularly. The products are sold under the brand name of “Sridham Dhoop”. More than 10 different types of incense sticks are being manufactured at present.

 No. of women Employed  75
 No. of items produced 10
Consisting 100/50/25 sticks