Food Processing Programme

Ramakrishna Mission Pallimangal, Kamarpukur has been successfully conducting Food Processing and Training Programmes since the year 2001 with support and co-operations from Ministry to the Industry of Food Processing, New Delhi and Directorate of food processing Industries and Horticulture, Government of West Bengal.

Considerable quantities of fruits and vegetables such as tomato, green mango, potatoes etc. are either wasted or not utilised fully every year during the season. With the development in the field of food processing technology and the growing demand of processed food items in the market it is no doubt that food processing is a very good and fast growing business. With an object of promoting cottage industries with locally available resources, minimizing wastage of perishable fruits and vegetable, showing the farmers’ new source of marketing and simultaneously creating new income opportunities for unemployed poor and destitute persons,

The unit is being utilized also as a small production centre to help trained willing persons to work and earn some money. They are successfully working under supervision of a staff member and at present 20 different items e.g. different types of jam, jelly, sauce, pickles, squash, papad, kasundi, potato chips etc. are being produced in the unit with overwhelming response and demand from the customers all over India. The well known dairy farm ‘Mother Dairy’ has been selling some of the products through its booths in Calcutta with very good responses At present following different items Jam, Jelly, Pickles, Sauce, Squash, Kasundi, Papad, Snacks etc are being produced in our unit and received very good response and demand from the customers.