Rural Development Services

‘Pallimangal’ is the Bengali word, meaning rural welfare. Obviously Ramakrishna Mission Pallimangal, Kamarpukur, Hooghly has been working in villages since its inception for the upliftment of the poor and downtrodden with an emphasis on the women folk through its health, education, economic, social and cultural development programmes, under the direct supervision of its headquarter at Belurmath, Howrah.

The rural women by nature are attentive, disciplined and hard working. Some honest and proper guidance can make them efficient working persons resulting tremendous social development. The source of all power, The Holy Mother Sri Ma Sarada Devi at her very young age set an example to the world by making ‘holy thread’ from cotton with her mother at home. In the year 1905, when the freedom movement had taken a new shape and the people were suffering due to the acute shortage of cotton clothing, the inhabitants of the ‘Koalpara Ashrama’ at Bankura district were inspired by The Holy Mother for making cotton threads by ‘Charka’ (handloom). It is learnt that The Holy Mother also wanted to engage herself in making cotton threads by charka. It has been realized that where millions of people are living below poverty line in the miserable conditions, only economic help and academic education can not solve the problem. Unemployment being the main cause, it has been justified that aged persons, house wives and those who desperately need some income to support their families are best to give vocational training enabling them to earn some money to compete their need.

Swami Vivekananda expressed that the women must be taken ahead as they are the main source of all power and its development. Keeping this word in mind the Ramakrishna Mission, Pallimangal has been successfully running several rural development programmes including self reliance vocational training and production as well as marketing support system in weaving, jute handicrafts, incense stick making, food processing etc. with the primary objective of helping of poor and destitute women folk by providing them some opportunities of income generation and thereby improving their economic as well as social status.