Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme

We were involved in RNTCP programme under scheme II in the year 2002. Before the year 2007, we were involved in Health Education Programme and Referral Service only e.g.. referred to the different Microscopy Centre of Arambagh Tuberculosis Unit for Sputum examination. Now it is a Designated Microscopy Centre and Treatment Centre under Arambagh T.U since 2007. Sputum examination and detect the TB case and treat the TB patient by DOTS regime is our main service, health education service, Follow up service, defaulter retrieval service, etc. are being continued as a participation of NGO in the RNTCP.



Microscopy Centre)
Laboratory activity

 Number of New Adult Patients visited in O.P.D 25000
 No of TB Suspected and Examined for Sputum Diagnosis 808
 No of TB Suspected and found Positive 061
 No of TB  Repeat Sputum Examined 004
 No of TB  found Positive on Repeat Sputum Examination 000
 No. of TB follow-up Patients examined 024
 No. of TB follow-up positive Patients 002
 Total No. of Slide Examined 1648
 Total No. of Positive Slide 124
 Total No. of Negative Slide 1524
 Total No. of Case-finding during the Year 2016 – 17 75
Apr’16 To Mar’17
Pulmonary   Extra Pulmonary  
Smear Positive (SSP) Smear negative (SSN) Smear note done
New cases Relapses Failures Return after default New Other Previously treated Total
63 00 00 00 12 00 12 00 75
RKMPM Treatment Centre REPORT 2016-17  CAT-I  CAT-II  Total  Pulmo  Ex-Pulm  Sp+ve  Sp-ve  Total
Case Treated at RKMPM Treatment Centre 12 00 12 04 08 04 08 12
Case Referred to Govt. PHC for Treatment 55 08 63 59 04 59 04 63