National HIV AIDS Control Programme

AIDS is one of the major burning public Health Problem not only in India but also abroad since sometime past. This programme has been started since 2006. The areas of Goghat-I & II Blocks, Part of Arambagh Block, and  Arambagh Municipality are our targeted areas. The programme envisages interpersonal IEC, Group IEC etc among the adolescent and adult group of people. The specific geographical areas have been entrusted to Six Field Workers (PMW), One Supervisor (NMS) and One Part-time Doctor.

2018—19 IEC Service
Inter Personal Communication Total No. of  IEC No.of School IEC No.of Club IEC No.of Mela IEC No.of Panchayat IEC
No. of Small
Group IEC
No of Person Benefited
P.Sch H.Sch
 1.6 Lakhs 802  00 01 04  00 14 783 2.2 Lakhs
2017—18 IEC Service
Inter Personal Communication Total No. of IEC No. of School IEC No. of Club IEC No. of Mela IEC No of Panchayat IEC
No of Small Group IEC No.of Person Benefited
P.Sch. H.Sch.
1.5 Lakhs. 953  00 00 02 00 19  932 2.25 Lakhs