Since the inception of the Pallimangal project in 1980, by the Headquarters, has been continued the rural development in the villages in and around the Kamarpukur and Jayrambati of Hooghly and Bankura district in West Bengal. Multiple activities of Pallimangal consist of two components, A] General and B] Medical.

A] General Activities 1] Apiculture Project, 2] Food Processing Programme, 3] Incense Stick Project, 4] Jute Handicrafts Project. 5) Mashroom Production Programme. 6] Mini Jute Spinning Programme, 7] Non-Formal Education Programme, 8] Soil Testing Laboratory. 9] Solar Energy Programme, 10] Weaving Project,11] Show room and Sales Promotion Programme, 12] Training programme, 13] Community Based Rehabilitation Programme.

B] Medical Activities 1] Mobile Medical Service, 2] OPD and Investigation Service. 3] National Blindness Control Programme. 4] Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme, 5] National AIDS Control Programme, 6] National Leprosy Eradication Programme, 7] Persons with Disability Programme, 8] Other Health Activities.

Most of the beneficiaries are at Arambagh Sub-Division of Hooghly District and the people of adjacent areas of three districts e.g. Bankura, Burdwan and West Midnapore.